What is Coding License?

Unlike a dongle license method where you receive a USB device to activate the software to be licensed, a coding license is where you will receive an activation code which will be keyed into your computer. This activation code comes in a form of 16 characters code and once keyed into the computer will activate the license for the software.

Why Coding License?

The primary advantage of Million Coding License is to allow our customers to add user as their business grow. Since this form of licensing does not require any hardware device, the cost of adding users will be more affordable.

Package Prices for 3 Users (Before Discount)(RM) Prices for 3 Users (After Discount)(RM)
Account 1499 1199
Stock Control 1499 1199
Account + Invoicing 2299 1849
Account + Stock Control 2998 2398
Payroll 30 1199 899
Payroll 60 1799 1499
Payroll Maxi 2499 2199
Client’s Account 1799 1499
Point of sales (POS) 1499 1199

Price Calculator

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